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MCP Motorsport was founded in 1996 by Martin Pearse, who realised the need for expertise in the area of buying supercars that both held and gained in value over a period of time.  MCP Motorsport was set up and focused solely on selling depreciation proof supercars, sourcing mainly LHD vehicles as they have been historically much cheaper.


After the purchase of a home, cars for most people are the next most expensive outlay one incurs and 98% of the time money is thrown down the drain. Why does anyone want to purchase a new car? In England it is often for the snobbish element, to have the latest plate. I have a friend, who every two year gets the ‘must have’ car. Dealers like Tom Hartley must be falling over themselves laughing!

Paying a premium over the new price and then three  years later seeing the car worth less than half and five years later about a tenth. The car in question, a 997 Turbo, cost circa £125,000 and is now worth trade £35,000 just 3 years later! Another case in point was an Aston Martin DBS which in 2009 cost £180,000 and we traded last year for £40,000.

The point of all this is, if you have been bitten like I have over the years and thrown money down the drain on cars, upgrading them, rebuilding them, for absolutely no financial gain and mostly loss, then what I have to say could save you a lot of money, time and effort. I don’t sell everyday cars. Hundreds of other people do. They are more professional, they have vast overheads, they have to be corporate, they have targets, they mostly want to branch out on their own if they could – the list of negatives are endless. There are exceptions, of course, but these are in a very small minority.

The cars that I sell are the ones I would be very happy to own myself, that I enjoy, have probably had a host of motoring journalists drooling over at their inception, have fantastic performance, usually superb built quality and most importantly for a supercar, depreciation-proof, or near enough! Elsewhere on this site are my recommendations for servicing. Now I am not trying to take business away from Independent Servicing Units, but if you employ a trusted home base mechanic to do all the basics, pads/discs, oil change etc then you might be able to afford a Depreciation Proof Supercar and if the car needs more ‘in depth’ work by all means take it to the I.S.unit – we suggest you join the local car club of your choice and see who they recommend.

I have a large list of cars we ‘specialise’ in but over time this has changed. Cars that we were once often asked for have gone very slow, so we don’t attempt to stock them, ie. Lancia Evo Integrale, Mercedes 500E, Lotus Carlton and Alpina B10 BiTurbo. The values have not diminished at all, so in effect they are still depreciation proof. However, in many cases one can have a car sitting in the garage for a year waiting for a buyer!



AUDI: RS2, RS4 Avant (2001+2006/7), RS6, R8

MERCEDES: 190 Evolution II, 190 Evolution I, AMG-SL60, AMG-SL73, AMG-C43+DTM CLK, AMG-SL55, R129-500SL, 500E/E500 (1991-5)

PORSCHE: 968CS, 928CS, 911 2.7RS, 911 2.4s, 935 DPMotorsport (the original German DP – not the UK), 930/935 Kremer Turbo, 964RS, 993RS, 993GT2, 996 GT3RS, 997 GT3RS Gen I & Gen II, 996 GT3 MkI & Mk II, 993 Turbo 4, 996 Turbo, 964/5 Turbo, 991RS, 935, 930 Kremer Street RacingTurbo, 964 Turbo, 997 GT3 Gen I, 997 GT3 Gen II, 997 GT3 RS 4.0, 991GT3RS

BMW: Z1, 3.2 CSL Batmobile, E30 M3 (all variants), E34 M5, E39 M5, E46 M3 CSL, E60 M5

ALPINA: B10 Bi Turbo, 850, B12 5.7 Coupe, B8 4.6 Coupe, 635 B7 Turbo, B6 3.5S, M3



FERRARI: There are a host of collectable Ferraris, but in our opinion, they are not usable every day cars and need careful maintenance. Extremely low mileage is to be sought after.

MASERATI: Wonderful cars but vast majority depreciate very, very quickly. One for the future might be the Gran Turismo and derivitives

JAPANESE CARS: With a couple of exceptions they depreciate faster than drinking water.

OTHER CARS: In the vast majority they do not have a good enough build quality.


These are cars we have sold in the last 20 years – the price then and what they are worth now.

CarModelLowest PricePresent Price
PORSCHE911RS£20,000£500,000 to £1.2m
964 Turbo£15,000£135,000
MERCEDESEvolution II£18,000£330,000
AMG E60£10,000£70,000
AMG SL60£10,000£40,000
BMW3.2 CSL£7,000£180,000
Alpina B10 Bi Turbo£10,000£25,000
Alpina B12 5.7 Coupe£15,000£40,000
LOTUS CARLTON£15,000£30,000
AUDI RSRS2£10,000£25,000
RS4 B5£12,000£19,000
RS4 B7£18,000£20,000