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Audi RS4 – X978 NKM



MODEL:  Audi RS4 B5

YEAR:  2001

COLOUR:  Avus Silver

INTERIOR: Black Leather Recaros all round

MILEAGE: 125,000

BHP: 420

COMMENTS: Oil Service + MOT will be given before completion of sale.

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Further Information

Previous Owners Write up:

“I have owned this car since 2009. It is certainly the best car I have ever had. It has a superior build quality and the ride is something else with 400 bhp under your right foot!

It has been properly serviced  throughout at Audi and then specialist garages, having had its last one 2 weeks ago.

2 months ago it had a new cambelt with all associated pulleys and tensioners (and water pump replaced).

It has 4 new Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres – rears 4 weeks ago, fronts 2 weeks ago – these are brilliant tyres that lasted me nearly 20k miles (does that say something about my driving?). The clutch was replaced 40k ago, so should be about half way?

I had MRC in Banbury service and replace turbo parts 6 months ago, so the power and boost is all there, which is crucial in this car as hoses can often come off or leak. These cars need the attention of national experts due to their pedigree. A standard VAG specialist will not know half of what MRC or Unit 20 will, so a visit to these guys once in a while is a must if you want to keep this car sweet.

It had a bottom end rebuild 5 years ago with new bearings, con-rods, valve guides and the head skimmed. If you know anything about mechanics, this is a bonus! The discs and pads were all replaced 18 months ago at a cost of over £2k, so should have plenty of legs in them.

It presently has a Celtic tuning stage one remap to 420bhp. It has a sunroof, Bose stereo, carbon fibre trim, full leather Recaro seats – the trim finish is standard for this car. If you want a detailed description, you can find it on any dealer’s website.

All in all, she’s a very good example, which drives as it should and has been properly maintained. It has never been tracked or maltreated so nothing has ever been bent or overstressed. I like to put my foot down on the flat occasionally but who wouldn’t with this car! If you want a supercar, these are very easy to take to 500bhp+ as the running gear can take even more than that!

The new owner will have a car that will not depreciate in value. There are 400 rhd made and this is probably nearer 200-250, so they are a rare breed indeed – hence there growing value. If you’ve done your research, you’ll know how many of these are for sale and with asking prices going up to £25k now, this one is competitively priced. I need to downgrade unfortunately, so it has to go!”

  • Heated Seats
  • Sun Roof
  • Heated Seats
  • Full History as seen below
  • New Goodyear Eagle Tyres
  • Clutch recently replaced.
  • All seats reconnollised by Leathercare Solutions.
Service List
14.11.0110,643Docklands AudiService
29.09.0428,348Tonbridge AudiFull Service/Warranty
05.09.0538,650"Full Service, Brake Pads, Cam Chain Tensioner, Water Pump
09.06.0946,506"Full Service, Air Meter
26.07.0760,538"Full Service
26.08.0872,021Botley Motors
04.11.09Avis AudiNew Sensors,Camshaft, Coolant
24.02.10Woodford GarageBrake Hoses, Bleed out
02.08.1077,859Avis AudiStarter Motor, new Clutch, full engine rebuild
09.08.10Woodford Garage, TotnessCode Check, Clear
25.08.1077,859"New Pump, Bearing
18.01.11Audi South WestBrake Discs
26.01.11Woodford GarageNew Pads/Discs/Tyres/Wheel Bearings, Service, Oil & Filter
28.02.11"New UpperArms,frontlower Suspension
27.07.11"Brake Calypers
30.01.12"New Battery
07.02.1286,790"Service, New Calyper, Lower Arms
02.08.1288,435"Full Service, N/S/R Wheel Bearings
23.02.1395,340Four Circles GarageFull Service, Split Pressure Pipe
09.05.14101,900"N/S/R, Arch Liner, new Washer Pumps
23.09.14104,098"Full Service, Brake Fluid, outer Joints
02.04.15108,714"Discs/ Pads, new Wheel Bearings
20.07.15"New Bearings
31.03.15108,714"Brake Discs, Pads, Wheel Bearings
01.09.15111,422"New Gearbox, Diff Oil
16.11.15113,963Power Crazy MotorsportFull Service
28.09.16MRC BanburyFuel Pump, Checkover
29.09.16121,542Four Circles GarageNew Anti Roll Bar Clamps/Fuel Pump
21.10.16121,830Plev GaragesCam Belt,Tensioner,Belt Damper,Roller
09.01.17125,388Four Circles GarageLong Life Service
06.02.17125MCP Motorsport